Supported Hardware:
Delta Tau Turbo PMAC(1)
Technician more info
Win32 EXE $99
The Technician is the entry level product in the locoMotion family. It is a stand alone program with a device palette from which you may Pick and Drop motors, digital IO, Analog IO, and specialized devices to customize an interface to your machine.
Script more info
Win32 EXE $349
The Script builds upon the Technician and adds scripting capability to the devices configured within the Technician. You may use VBScript, JScript, javascript, etc. to interact with and control the devices.
VCL more info
Win32 VCL $949
The VCL is the high end member of the locoMotion family. The controls are used within Delphi or C++ Builder to write professional applications for machine control. Both the Technician and the Script were written using the VCL.

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