Realtime Production Monitoring System -
OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Automatic Statistical Production Goal Calculation,
Actual, and Downtime Analysis

The Tisfoon Production Monitoring System for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) can work with any machine in your manufacturing process to automatically calculate the production Goal using realtime statistical analysis. Existing sensors on the machine are utilized and then analyzed based on statistics to calculate the production goal. The calculated production goal is displayed along with the actual realtime production to measure the efficiency of the machine. Downtime for the current station is displayed with further insight as to where the downtime is originating.

Three separate downtime measures are provided: Production Monitoring Goal vs. Actual

These downtime measurements are critical for determining the best use of resources to increase production.

The provided Windows application can run on multiple computers within the facility and show realtime status of all the monitored stations in the plant. Below is an example showing 4 stations being monitored. Production Monitoring showing 4 stations

Charts are provided for each station to help management obtain a detailed view of the workings of each machine. Sample charts are provided below.
Production Monitoring Chart showing part feeding through the machine

Production Monitoring Chart showing machine starvation

Production Monitoring Display running Raspberry Pi

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