profiler for the metrology of axisymmetric optical surfaces to the nanometric level

Uses Delta Tau Power PMAC Motion Controller

December 2010. Tisfoon Ulterior Systems completes the controls and software of a 2.5D Profiler measuring at nanometer levels. For this application we used the Power PMAC motion computer by Delta Tau Data Systems. This motion controller uses a Power PC cpu and uses the Linux operating system. The power PMAC uses 64-bit double precision floating point operations which lends itself very well for nanometric measurements. Profilers generate a high rate of data for multiple axes. The "C" programming environment along with the linux operating system of the Power PMAC provide an excellent means for collecting all this data. The collected data is then sent to the host computer via FTP for processing and measurements.

Tisfoon Ulterior Systems also provided a touch screen Windows GUI interface (HMI) to the controls. This HMI automatically averages multiple sweeps and provides plots of measurements. Tool Tip Radius calculations and tip radius plots are provided. The HMI also features straightness data gathering and straightness correction.

  2D Profiler Metrology

More information on the Metrology technology may be found here

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