Centralized or Distributed Remote Monitoring

We have expertise in designing applications that need to monitor remote devices. These remote devices may be embeded systems with serial, RF, or TCP/IP interfaces. The application will communicate with the devices, gathering and logging data into a database. The data may then be presented for viewing. As an option the server application may make available this data to client computers or the internet for viewing from multiple locations.

   Remote Monitoring Applications

Central Monitor and Alert (CMA) The CMA monitors remote temperature sensors for the food service industry. HMI Screen Shot.  Click for Larger Image The system is composed of a server communicating with the temperature sensors via RF to TCP/IP "Translators". The server then conveys information to all clients over TCP/IP using a broadcast and subscribe mechanism. The server and client applications were written in Borland Delphi. The server runs on Windows 2000 server and the clients may run on any 32 bit Windows platform.
Centeral Monitoring and Control System (CMCS) The CMCS monitors remote food chillers in a hospital setting. Communication is via HMI Screen Shot.  Click for Larger Image RS485 using the SNAP protocol. The application was written in Delphi and runs on any 32 bit Windows platform.

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