Barr-Mullin (BMI) Brute Retrofit

Your saw is mechanically sound and well built. Let us bring it up to date technology wise. We can also increase your production levels and optionally add defect scanners to replace line marking. The retrofit is a combination of hardware and software that will transform your saw into a new state of the art saw.

  • Lumber Defect Scanner compatibility (Tisfoon, WoodEye, Luxscan, Lucidyne, etc)
  • Superior Optimization Engine (at least 5 point yield gain!)
    • "Smart Values". The computer adjusts values based on your incoming lumber grade and production requirements to give optimum yield while maintaining production requirements. No more over cutting or under cutting.
    • Centering Cuts. Keep good parts away from defects by centering the solution.
    • "Smart Stretch" feature shrinks defect marks by a user adjustable amount to reduce the effect of operator carelessness and crayon width giving more useable lumber.
    • Grouping. Group like sizes to avoid confusion on the sorter line.
    • First in first out job control. Enter all your upcoming orders and let the computer bring in cuts from the next order per your specifications.
    • Eliminate drops in yield while transitioning from one job to another.
    • Clear one face optimization. Using side marks, denote top face defects and bottom face defects to save yield where the part allows for defect on one side.
  • Encoder based sorting.
    • Eliminate erroneous sorts
    • Multiple kick assignment for long boards, and multiple station assignment for high volume parts.
    • Enhanced waste handling due to "SmartMove" logic. Special moves are performed to force a gap between pieces and eliminating trailing defect pieces behind good pieces.
    • Minimize belt tension effects on sorting.
  • Increased production
    • Production is increased due to higher yields (more efficiency)
    • Production is increased due to combining multiple defects in a row into a single longer defect.
    • Production is increased due to not over cutting.
    • Production is increased due to less re-cuts
    • Production is increased due to less down time
  • Industrial Motion Controller/Computer
    • Increased cut accuracy due to "SmartAccel" smooth acceleration and deceleration.
    • Delta Tau motion controller is the most advanced motion controller on the market and readily available off the shelf.
    • Rugged Industrial computer by Advantech.
  • Operator Friendly User Interface with Touch Screen.
    • Multi-Language / Foreign Language Support
    • Ability to have multiple users running different languages
  • Optional Fast Saw Stroke Options
    • Super fast pneumatic stroke breaks the production bottle neck to increase production!
  • OEE and Production Monitoring Ready: Production Monitoring Display running Raspberry Pi

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