Virtual Rough Mill

The Latest in Arbor Generation Technology
and Rough Mill Production Analysis

Highest Yield AND Closest Match to Required Amount!

Struggling to find the arbor with the highest yield?
Compromising yield to get your required amount?
Adjusting values for hours to meet your required amounts?
Is the Select Saw complicating matters even more?

Then the Virtual Rough Mill is for YOU!

Get the best answer with the click of a button.

Arbor Generator

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Arbor Generator

Traditionally, arbor generators have only produced high yielding arbors with no regard for required amount. Our new technology allows us to find the highest yielding arbor arrangements that ALSO produce your required amounts. This is achieved using advanced mathematics, statistics, and over 30 years of experience in the wood products industry.

Let the Virtual Rough Mill save you time and money by providing you with valuable insight into your Rough Mill operation. Call today and try the Virtual Rough Mill for free!

Now you can find the best combination of solids to satisfy your PANEL requirements. Simply enter a random range (say 2 inches to 4 inches) and let the computer figure out what solid widths would yield the best. It's that simple!

Some distinctive features of the Virtual Rough Mill:

Required sizes for Arbor
Automatic Arbor Generation
Arbor Analysis Report

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