Optimizing Cut-off Saw Retrofit

Barr-Mullin Wonder Saw, Compu-Rip or Brute Retrofit

Grecon/Dimter Retrofit

Ultimizer Retrofit

Group 7,Dysis III Retrofit

" At Vic Royal, we run two old optimizing saws with a new WoodEyeXC scanner. We cut short fingerjoint as well as long lineal in a number of widths and grades. SmartSaws control system has eliminated problems of sorting and blowing off waste, even when the waste piece is longer than the minimum fingerjoint. Our saws run faster than before and the interface software is easier to use. Service is very good, fast and efficient. We are happy with the SmartSaws retrofit and highly recommend them to everyone having to install a WoodEye Scanner without having to change their old saws. "
- Nicolas Gagnon, Project manager, Industrial engineering Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Div. Vic Royal

With the price of steel going up and the abundance of used optimizing cutoff saws in the market, many companies are turning to us for state of the art (but used) saws to increase production levels and bring in scanners into their manufacturing process. Should you need to increase your production capacity, please know that we can help you there as well.

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