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Use it for writing PLC programs or HTML.
FTP HTML code automatically with subfolder capability!


Write your programs in human readable form reducing the chances for errors and improving maintainability. Substitute symbols and generate code automatically. The concept is similar to the use of Macros, but with added functionality and sophistication.


  • Multi-level symbol substitution.
  • Automatic code generation (similar to templates in C++)
  • Turn any non-object oriented environment into one.
  • Support for arithmetic operations on symbols.
  • Support for conditional compilation.
  • Support for included files with arguments.
  • Warning for un-used and re-used symbols.
  • Command line operation.
  • Use any text editor.
  • Motion applications may easily re-map axes and IO.
  • Ideal for writing HTML.
  • Built-in Delta Tau PMAC functions such as MN().
Code Generator

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Who is it For?

This product is targeted towards programmers writing code for any system. There are built in functions for Delta Tau PMAC motion programming as well.


Any Windows OS. Any Delta Tau PMAC.

Price/License Restrictions:

$249.95 for site license. Distributors are required to get a license for each of their customers.

Demo Restrictions:

The demo runs for 30 days with full capability.

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