The Script application builds on the Technician by adding scripting capability for the devices. For example, you may issue commands such as Servo1.MoveTo(5). This is a VBScript example that moves Servo1 to 5 inches.

You may use any scripting language that is loaded on your machine and that is compatible with Microsoft Script Control. If you have IE 3.01 or higher, you already have VBScript and JScript installed on your machine.

Following is a sample script written in VBScript. Output2 is swithced off and output1 is switched on. Servo1 is directed to make a relative move 15 inches backward. When Servo1 reaches its destination, Servo2 makes a relative move 15 inches forward. When Servo2 has reached its destination, Output1 turns off and Output2 turns on in 5 seconds.

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