Cold Pilger Mill Tube Reducer Software & Controls Retrofit

Uses Delta Tau Motion Controller

November 2010. Tisfoon Ulterior Systems completes the controls and software retrofit of 2 SMS MEER Cold Pilger Mill tube reducers . The original Delta Tau software controlling the Tube Reducer along with the VME bus Delta Tau PMAC were out dated and hard to maintain. Furthermore, It was shown that the original software did not follow the desired motion profile curve needed to produce good quality Zirconium fuel rods. Inspection of the original software showed that the designers "forced" the servo motors turning and pushing the rods to a specific position at a specific instant. This caused overheating of the servo motors and required exact clock syncronization with the PMAC motion controller. Tisfoon Ulterior Systems was able to re-write an all new control algorithm based on a smooth motion profile that fit nicely the required curve. The new controls create much better tubes and place much less stress on the servo motors.

Tisfoon Ulterior Systems also provided a Windows GUI interface (HMI) to the controls. This HMI provides a plot of required vs. actual motion profile for each of the servo motors in the system. This diagnostic tool gives invaluable insight into the operation of the machine, which was lacking in the original software. Additionally, the HMI provided CCM protocol inteface to the GE 90/70 PLC which controls the non-motion elements of the system.

  Cold Pilger Mill Operation

More information on the tube reduction technology may be found here.

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